Carbon-nuetral fuel, anywhere in the galaxy

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Modular, distributed fuel production and conversion technology.

Enabling the next great leap starts with strategic, scalable steps. General Galactic is a space resources company built for the economy of tomorrow. While we work to coalese an ecosystem around in-space refueling, we'll apply our technology on Earth to fight the climate crisis.

Dual-use applications on Earth and in Space

By developing the most effective, scalable, and resilient energy-to-fuel conversion technology, General Galactic can enable space exploration missions further than ever thought possible in our lifetime, while drastically reducing carbon emissions on Earth right now.

  • Energy entirely from renewables
  • Technology developed for the space industry
  • Distributed anywhere on Earth and beyond
  • Designed for scalability

Green Energy today. Space energy tomorrow.

As renewable energy costs decline and demand for renewable fuels increases, it will become economically advantageous to produce fuel from in-situ resources.

The same in-situ fuel production technology will enable space exploration missions to go further than currently possible.

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