Fueling our Future

Our Mission

Fossil-free fuels for everyone

We turn air and waste CO2 into clean fuels with renewable electricity.

Our mission is to revolutionize the world’s energy supply chain — making clean fuel affordable and accessible, anywhere in the world.

Energy autonomy

The future of fuels is a distributed one – not reliant on centralized producers.

General Galactic is building the technology to enable it. With the modularization of our hardware, our system democratizes access to critical fuels at the site of need.

Ending fossil, forever.

Years from now, all hydrocarbon fuels will be sourced from recycled atmospheric carbon emissions, not from the ground.

Our Technology

A novel approach to thermochemistry

Building upon decades-old fundamental science, our proprietary technology lowers the energy required to convert carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons — allowing us to compete against fossil fuels

Our approach

A cleaner carbon cycle

Carbon Capture

Carbon dioxide emissions are captured from waste streams, industrial point sources, and ambient air.

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen is generated from water using intermittent renewable electricity, or sourced from naturally occurring reserves.

Low-Cost, Low-CI Hydrocarbons

Captured carbon dioxide and green hydrogen are converted to high-purity renewable hydrocarbon fuels. 

Better synthetic fuel

Synthetic Natural Gas

Our first product is SNG, a carbon-negative drop-in for conventional natural gas. 

Responsible for almost a quarter of global primary energy consumption, this fuel brings real impact to today’s industries. 

Infrastructure Friendly

Our fuel doesn’t require ripping up trillions of dollars in existing gas and energy infrastructure.

We’re directly compatible with how industries operate today. 

Repeatable & Flexible

Our system is robust to feedstock quality, energy source, geography, renewables intermittency, & more.

We’re able to deploy across any scale, for any application. 


Habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus.

Our Technology

A novel approach to thermochemistry

In order for synthetic fuels to replace fossil fuels, they need to be cost-competitive.

Our proprietary system and reactor technology reduces the costs of carbon conversion, while leveraging high efficiency in a single pass.

We build all of our hardware in-house in El Segundo, California.

The Future, sooner

In-situ resource utilization - for Earth and beyond

The same technology we’ll use to convert carbon dioxide to fuel on Earth, we’ll also use to refuel spacecraft and enable a permanent settlement on Mars.

Looking for low-carbon fuel?

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CTO & Co-Founder

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Founding Engineer

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